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finishingWhen the

education meets the Internet, many traditional educational institutions are stuck in the door on technology.

, a founder of many educational institutions that said: "HowNet technology needs cultural genes, environment, education technology industry does not know that the brothers need what kind of culture, what kind of work atmosphere, how to manage, how to use their language to communicate with them. My biggest feeling is that the transformation of the Internet education company, many companies will eventually die in the product and technology."

consultant more than HowNet said, educational institutions have to dig talent from Baidu, Ali, Tencent, but the programmer job education industry will is not strong, the reason is quite complex.

Why do

programmers do not want to go to educational institutions? What are their main aspirations?

connected to a network from a foreign company, returnees background IT jumped into the traditional educational institutions IT male, Cui Xiaonan. He joined the New Oriental has four years. From his dictation, we see the face of the education industry, the voice of technical personnel: contradictions, tangled, but also have expectations for the future.

I started to learn computer at the age of 12, it has been twentieth years this year. 18 years old, my college entrance exam to Chang’an University highway engineering supervision, but I want to continue to learn computer, so choose to go abroad to study in Singapore, obtain a government scholarship, from 2001 onwards to study and work in Singapore, he returned to China in 2008.

I graduated from NanYang Polytechnic, Singapore, specializing in digital entertainment technology, the direction of the game design and development. When I was in Singapore, I was a mobile phone transplant and development. After returning home, in Xi’an has engaged in network product design, user experience design, Microsoft ERP development, Mexico ERP marketing, after a friend introduced, because the ERP market downturn, and joined the New Oriental, this year is fourth years, the first is superior to high middle school, after the market, as the current director of Xi’an New Oriental Information Management Department, is from the grass roots dry up, so it is representative of a part of the IT brothers fighting in the traditional educational institutions.

if I was in a IT company or BAT background of the company, there is no special circumstances, I will not consider the education industry, even if the jump is certainly jump in the same industry. Why?

first, the industry gap. In the past for a long period of time, IT, the education industry is the two parallel lines, the national public school background, private educational institutions and New Oriental have led in the past more than and 10 years are very moist, because of the Internet to everybody’s thinking of the impact is not so big, the impact of a single page, poster, personality and the teacher repeated the parents of students in the traditional city, different information exchange between different groups is occluded, the pressure of competition is also small, so dezhuan.


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