s the copyright music website is facing a reshuffle of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore ty

about the content of the site, in the management of the various bureaus, are being "copyright" by the interference, the control of the site’s profitability, and most of them are in the wool out of the pig in the model closer.

said the Internet every day, has long been integrated into the lives of people in all walks of life, when everything is on the right track of the Internet, it can not be separated from all, should have a regular program.

look at the music website is undergoing a reshuffle period.

Ministry of culture announced that has already been published in the online music blacklist, all products must be in August 25th before the next frame, and for all these "blacklist" products website, the Ministry of culture and the relevant law enforcement agencies will be severely punished according to law.

what do you mean? When SARFT banned some cutting all kinds of drama, advertising is not rigorous, the Ministry of culture to the surgeon’s music website. As early as before, the video site has been in the specification, then the way out of the music site will be how?

small sites will be severely hit

in the face of the rectification of the Ministry of culture, large, a little background and pillar of the music website can actively cooperate with, even temporarily abandoned many music material, on the website of the whole operation effect must not be great, but to rely on some "special" and "minority culture" the growth of the small music website, no matter from the hit ratio angle, or from the restoration of power, which is bound to be a serious hit.

if you have to bear the high cost of copyright, for many small and medium music sites, it seems that there are only three ways: financing, selling, closing.

wool out of the pig on the Internet an axiom of profit began to force

advertising, membership is nothing less than the main profit pattern of music website, facing the regulation and supervision of the Ministry of culture, some people say that the music website free time is coming to an end, previously, the video site is regulated, the same people sigh "free video no longer exist, membership fee may become a master the website operation, but can not be done overnight under the condition that the music website is facing a transition: how to use advertising and membership, the music website is put into a profitable place. And finally the main advertisement or the main members, go free or paid, is to survive only need to explore something.

is important, now the music website, a user who has been used to "field free", in the transition period must still retains the "free", "profit must also depend on wool in the pig" Internet profit axiom.

what will be the future music website?

said small and medium sized music website, copyright specification period, not to support the small and medium sized music website or be merged, or die out of their own music, then live music website >

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