nteractive Encyclopedia Pan Haidong attended the annual meeting of the board of directors of Shangh

January 16, 2010, Shanghai station cum welcome World Expo Internet Forum at the conference hall of the grand opening of the American Studies Center of Fudan University. The conference is sponsored by the Chinese website, Interactive Encyclopedia, co management system. It is reported that attend the meeting and invited guests to the webmaster thousands, Interactive Encyclopedia CEO Mr. Pan Haidong as guests attended the meeting, and around the theme of the conference "website promotion and operation" speech.

Pan Haidong think small and medium-sized webmaster should focus more on the content of the site, with good content to drive the site traffic, and not to rely on search engine. According to him, not long ago in the United States at the annual meeting of Web2.0, a website called Demand Media by foreign well-known technology blog Techcrunch as one of the most likely to be listed in 2010. Demand Media is a website dedicated to providing the most needs of Internet users, because of the uniqueness of the content, in the search engine, it naturally ranked in the front position." In 2009 the site’s revenue has reached $100 million. So as long as the content is well done, the final will be able to win." Pan Haidong said, "sell the ski suit to give, if you can provide and ski related knowledge on the page, you can get more than the other network user viscosity is high, the money also sooner or later."

it is understood that the Interactive Encyclopedia also developed the world’s first Chinese language users, completely free open source encyclopedia station system – HDwiki. As a set of mature encyclopedia station system, HDwiki with a wealth of features, superior stability and excellent architectural design has attracted thousands of users. The use of HDwiki to build Wikipedia website can get free of charge from the Interactive Encyclopedia of high-quality content, the site can be enriched in a short time. At present, the country has 4 small and medium-sized websites using HDwiki to build Wikipedia site or encyclopedia channel, occupy more than 95% of China’s market. Not only that, at home and abroad, there are 2 companies will be used as an internal application, including Sina Real Estate Channel, Shanghai hotline, Wyatt magazine, and in the HDwiki service support the successful operation of the entire site.

many Internet experts believe that in the current development of the Internet environment, segments of the industry portal, video website, community forums and online commerce is faced with different degrees of adjustment, and the encyclopedia will become the portal website, the Internet search engine after the third wave of boom.



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