The electronic coupon site Coupons com for 200 million financing

Beijing on June 10th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. electronic coupon website said today that it has received $200 million in financing from institutional investors. says it will spend about half of its money on corporate expansion, including strategic acquisitions and marketing campaigns. Steven Bauer, Chief Executive Officer (Steven), said the remaining funds will be used to repurchase shares from existing investors and employees in the hands of Boal.

Bauer declined to disclose the identity of the investor or the company’s financial position. According to insiders, the latest round of financing will be $1 billion valuation of the company, the company expects revenue this year will reach $100 million.

Bauer said the company’s revenue mainly by the consumer print coupon number is calculated, rather than quantity according to the actual recovery coupon calculation.

According to Andrew Lipman

, an analyst at the research firm comScore (Andrew Lipsman) said that in the past year, has been a leader in online coupon market. ComScore statistics show that the number of access coupon websites in April more than 38 million people. Among them, the number of independent visits Groupon 10 million 800 thousand people, LivingSocial independent access to the number of people,, the number of independent visits to is 6 million 500 thousand. existing staff of more than 300 people, this year may be increased by about 100 people. It now has offices in Silicon Valley and London, and plans to set up new offices in Chicago, Losangeles and New York.

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