Read a block chain investment logic will there be a bubble investment value

block chain this term will often appear in various types of venture capital activities, many investors have a hunch that the wind is close, want to do some of the track ahead of the layout, but do not want to blindly pay tuition. And many institutional investors talk about block chain, the basic answer is to look at, the common feeling is too small a project, the valuation is too high, the key still can not read!


I began to pay attention to the block chain from bitcoin period, the following from the perspective of investors and we explore some of the current investment in the field of the chain chain.

investors come into contact with the project can now be divided into the following categories

1, virtual currency related or mining class project

after years of bitcoin is currently considered the most mature block chain system, around the ecological related to early investment basically has been the time window on the market currency exchange has many channels mature, machine manufacturers have also listed near the. There are a number of opportunities for subdivision, such as bitcoin mining pool.

macro mode, the bottleneck of POW verification mining, future related businesses will continue to exist is a problem. Fried items such as strong earnings are not suitable for mainstream investment institutions.

block chain technology related projects can be broadly divided into three categories:

block chain underlying technology, including platform routing and encryption algorithms, consensus mechanisms, etc.;

intermediate layer, do some protocol encapsulation, providing open source or commercial API interface, as well as some platform class services, similar to engage in IBM BAAS (Blockchain- as-a-service);

is the top part of the chain of different sectors of different applications, including finance, copyright protection, security, networking and so on.

2, the underlying technology and protocol layer project

on the blockchain investors should have a certain understanding, such as foreign bitcoin blockchain, Ethernet square, super fabric books, domestic wells, small ants, Bubbe, like a cloud, too.

white paper for most non-technical investors is mumbo-jumbo. General characteristics of technology circle is not very tall Scholars scorn each other., opponents, from the general consensus mechanism, protocol security, bandwidth and so on, investors can still confused and disoriented is difficult to identify the pros and cons. But the technical background of investors will feel that the underlying technology is not high block chain threshold, this argument is not without reason.

current block chain technology in fact, in the TCP/IP five layer protocol in the top application layer, in essence, and mail is a hierarchical technology. Many of the world famous block bottom chain project code is open source, a good programmer can change to make use of.

has visited most of the domestic market after a series of block chain projects

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