Concerned about the Spring Festival evening show will allow you to increase traffic

2008, at the beginning of the new year, you will certainly have good luck webmaster friends!

write a little bit of experience! Open my place in the early morning of the site, the habit of opening the webmaster statistics. Let me shocked,

my website was hacked again?

carefully checked the server. There was nothing suspicious. Check the code again, there is no problem. Inexplicable

The joy of

is at the moment.

Details of yesterday’s

are as follows:


shows as follows:



Baidu seems to be taking care of me, the total reached more than and 800. Also analyzed the key words:


Spring Festival Gala keywords almost five hundred or six hundred times.

concludes that opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared!

there is a piece of information on my site is our 2007 Spring Festival Gala live video. But I didn’t play the title "Zhangjiachuan County in 2007 Spring Festival Gala live", I have the title "the Spring Festival Gala live" seems to be negligent, sometimes also can bring flow. Therefore, I hope the webmaster friends carefully adhere to. The content of the site to do, there are some quality. Always bring you joy flow. This is what I do local portal a little enlightenment, and I hope everyone together. Finally, I wish the webmaster friends, in 2008, hair!!!!

also wish the webmaster network in 2008, hair, hair, hair! My exchange QQ 865989 king style