Taobao guest website promotion method of soft Wen promotion

recently Taobao passenger flooding, hot anomaly, there is a trend of everyone Taobao. This reminds me of the navigation station competition, in fact the meso, station and the navigation station are similar, the two are based on the oriented information classification station, the two are not the production of content, or the direct production of content, as long as to find a good store address, and my PID code division inside the website is complete, does not need to increase the number of long-term site content, every day after doing the promotion, check the chain. Because of its simplicity and peace of mind, leading to a large number of owners rush on like a swarm of hornets.

In addition to the regular cast

promotion, I think the webmaster should take the direction to the fine place, a subdivision block, such as you are good at industry station, then focus on the industry products, and also can be combined with their own industry station promotion, and even content can be integrated together in the industry. On the one hand, I also found that some owners are already doing this, the benefits of doing so is to avoid competition in the air, when everyone in the big and complete, we should focus on a small and thin market, lose weight lose weight, clothing clothing, when we put attention to specific products. To promote the goal of visitors will be very clear.

do Taobao customers around the promotion of specific products have a lot of ideas, today we mainly discuss how to release the article to promote the product, that is, to use soft Wen to promote writing skills:

1, first of all to the context of the article clear, since it is the product soft, we must combine the popular keywords to do so, if indexed by search engines, will bring a very objective flow, and it is the accurate flow, the conversion rate will be very high.

2, the content of the article to the credibility of high, can arouse the desire to buy visitors, pay attention to the tone of the expression, through the search engine to visitors, mostly with the purpose of the flow easily into revenue.

3, mining products highlight, on the advantages and disadvantages of product, the author, should not blindly praise, to know consumers are discerning, excessive modification will only lead to counterproductive results.

4, Tu Vin Unionmaw; visitors do not have so much patience, and we need to provide detailed information, more outline of three-dimensional products, so that the impression of the brain.

this article illustrated the soft products produced, replication began after large area stick Post Bar total precision, visitors will see, efforts will not be wasted. To do this every day, after a long time, you will find that their writing ability has been greatly improved, you will find your web traffic in gradually increase, and that the visitor, conversion rate is very high.

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