Network marketing experience method

for the network marketing, network marketing methods are too many, because the Internet in the form of the site in particular, what are the portals, forums, search engines, industry website, many. But many people only know these things, but I don’t know really should be how to use, the second is the different forms of their focus in what place, can play what role, this is now a lot of people do not know. Network marketing is imperative, today I will talk about some of the network marketing experience.

a, information acquisition ace – search engine

search engine, in fact, who wants to say what Web3.0 search engine is the biggest Web3.0, all other people to take information, a summary. And then all of our users to extract the information to see. For access to information, the search engine for ACE is fully deserve, because of his spiders in almost nothing is impossible in the Internet to collect information. I am engaged in the SEO, so its attributes are more familiar. A trace can be included in your web page.

and now more than 90% of Chinese Internet users will use search engines to get the information they want. So it is very important to get the best ranking in the search engine. So the auction was born, SEO was born. Then based on this layer above the search engine marketing method is the main source of information display and website traffic.

two, also lost reputation, reputation –


forum is a three to four places, inside information is all kinds of people, free talk and discussion, even cursed, vent. This information will usually become a topic of people at leisure. So here’s reputation has spread, plus if people feel good words information here, a copy and paste process easily, can quickly spread, so the establishment of application and its reputation is the best place. So the essence of the forum marketing is to guide and help to form a reputation.

three, have to talk about celebrity strategy – blog marketing

personal opinion especially dull remarks died over. To this effect, the blog and forum is absolutely worth a spell, but the difference is with the official blog, it is easy to form the brand effect and celebrity effect, because the general can use blog to shout out in public feelings, or speculation, the industry is to grasp the discourse right. So blog is the charm of interaction between people and the public Internet, whether to scold, or rectification, can form good eye effect.

in addition, there are many other ways, but it is related to advertising, to master these three methods is a basic requirement. How to properly use the above three methods for network marketing, which is what every network marketing people must learn and master.