A wide range of promotion methods to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion

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website promotion this word can be said to be the webmaster every day in the mouth talking about a. Although the basic operation of every webmaster website promotion will, but the effect of the promotion effect factor is sometimes a little thousands on thousands of species, the promotion target users are not determined, a natural generalization of the effect will be greatly reduced. For the site promotion, in fact, is not a little bit of a cognitive webmaster, personal influence factor can be described as more and more ah. Today I talk about how to use the method to maximize the effect:

the same site using different promotion methods

each type of industry has a large number of sites, and so many sites must have ranked the order and the flow of the difference between high and low. Many webmaster is to see a certain type of website is easy to do, follow the trend of a although sometimes as like as two peas, competition is a good thing, but if you do everything to imitate them, then you will always be second, especially when using the extension method, after the opponent may because of environmental conditions, and the other reason for his success, but now you are still in the same way, you can have 50% success? Like army most afraid of playing not to hold the battle of hydrogen. So, for the same type of website, then you need to go beyond use than competitors better, faster and more effective promotion methods, ten years ago with the Forum promotion can attract a large number of traffic, now there is such a forum to promote the effect of


webmaster promotion should be different promotion methods to choose according to the different environment, the different time, the user thought to be different, as enterprises to promote the use of blog than forum, picture station instant messaging than classified information as well. Different promotion methods can produce different effects, of course, through the effect of the choice to maximize the kind of promotion methods. And when to go beyond the opponent, we should start from the details, after the opponent around for a long time, at the head of it is their own. So, for the same type of website, use different promotion methods as far as possible, after all, not one another, and by comparing several methods of promotion effect, can be a very good response which is more suitable for the website promotion.

different sites using a variety of promotional methods

for different site types, of course, the use of promotion methods are not the same. But whether it is the same type or different types of promotion methods, diversification is the most critical, after all, when users know the website in which position you cannot clear, can to guide you through the analysis of different promotion methods, and the effect of promotion is the most powerful factor analysis. Moreover, each industry now has a large number of sites, how to stand out from the crowd, becoming the first laugh the loudest is the key to the pursuit of webmasters. But because it is the type of site are not the same, a natural generalization method should also choose not the same, like enterprise station suitable for blog promotion and not suitable for the promotion of forum, the local station for offline promotion and online promotion is careless.