The multi functional integration of the community and micro blog in the network

following the portal Sina launched micro-blog made a sensation, the country’s four major portals Sohu, NetEase and Tencent have also launched a micro-blog product, there are four legs of the state. Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang has also said that micro-blog has become the standard must be done. On the one hand, in the case of micro-blog Sina, ranked top of the list of popular movie star Chen Yao has more than 1 million 600 thousand "fans", that is to say as long as Chen Yao issued a micro-blog blog will have about 1600000 people will see. Some people say "when you are more than 100 fans like micro-blog, you are like a magazine; more than 1000, you are a bulletin board; more than 10 thousand, you are like a magazine; more than 100 thousand, you are a metropolis." Micro-blog fans effect can be described as a million.

It is reported that sina

micro-blog currently registered users has tens of millions of levels, in the four major portal to create a strong China micro-blog wind fire on the occasion, some network effects caused by micro-blog gradually highlights: micro-blog quickly seize the most Internet users online time, some netizens even to make community games had become fashionable for a time were found to have signs the decline in interest.

In order to keep the

in the micro-blog era and even expand the share of users, the network society, the community forum and micro-blog products together is a very constructive idea, and has been put into reality. In May 21st, xtalk launched the first community chat plug-in upgrades, adding "share" function in the original instant plug-in function, its main purpose is to make users can post in forum community to achieve a key sharing, the use of user influence in other micro-blog products in the forum community visits and propaganda pull.

to xtalk, for example, the main advantages of this multi-functional plug-in:

1 on the forum community, increase the threshold of micro-blog share function technology is low. As long as the forum community free installation of xtalk plug-ins, you can use the sharing function, for small and medium communities have more practical significance, you can save the cost of technical inputs and bandwidth server operations.

2 micro-blog share covers commonly used micro-blog products, such as Sina, micro-blog, Kaixin, Renren, Amoy rivers, watercress, etc.. In addition to bookmark collection features, such as QQ bookmarks, Google bookmarks, Baidu collection, Sina collection, such as the collection of.

The combination of multi functional

3 applications, xtalk in addition to the application sharing role in community forum micro-blog, and its main function is to chat function, can read the forum friends, do not need to register other client products can achieve the chat function, the user can be glued on the altar, to enhance community activity and user online time, to promote the community share has a positive effect to the invisible.

for most of the forum community, users and the influence is not enough compared with the four major portals, but through the spontaneous behavior from the user, with the help of the four portals and other well-known platform strength, with a "long tail" to expand their broader.