Short rental platform announced the completion of the 65 million pig financing will accelerate the

Tencent science and technology news November 2nd, accommodation sharing platform announced the completion of the pig C+ and D round of financing, totaling $65 million. Including the C+ round of financing capital today at the end of last year, and recently by the pleasure of capital and BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) lead investor, Morningside capital, capital today and jade capital with the cast of D round of financing.


piggy rent short 2012 officially launched, according to the disclosure of the data, the pig currently has more than 100 thousand sets of houses in the 301 National City, tens of millions of active users, the platform business volume is expected in 2016 an increase of 500%.

January 6, 2013, pig short rent get millions of dollars Morningside ventures A round of financing, in June 2014, completed B $15 million round of financing, led by the monarch associated capital investment, Morningside capital with the cast. In July 8, 2015, completed by the pleasure of capital lead investor, Morningside capital, CITIC Capital, and jade capital with investment of $60 million C round of financing.

pig CEO Chen Chi said that in the future, the pig will increase capital investment in brand building, product innovation and service chain, etc.. And accelerate the layout of overseas markets, the market will mature overseas travel into the future layout of the pig.