Personal webmaster novice webmaster can see under the wise remark of an experienced person

in the station, spent two or three months, and now has a habit, every morning to open the computer, look at your site on the ADMIN5 to look at the news, the webmaster to talk about the experience, the forum site sale etc.. Today also published an article, my level is limited, the rookie level, look at my site all know, a LOGO image will not do, a webmaster sympathy for my friend, just as I do a little brother, oh, thank

said all of the above is the way, now, such as personal website, without detours, to talk about my own site, in September 07 registered corn (, the first time since the beginning of life should not do a website, website, just put a forum program, no words, no what just, very positive post every day, everywhere to get people, colleagues, friends, friends, come to post, when Baidu included soon, three days away, unlike now, do not adhere to a month, do not always feel good, and spent four hundred yuan to buy a set of dating procedures, is said to be the the forum, a week later, friends said the programmer can not integrate, have to give up four hundred yuan, poor dashuipiao, or playing like a forum, by the end of October, Baidu for a long time not included, what I was Do not know, do not know what Baidu update algorithm is not included, for the program, the Internet is good, what, what, and looking for a joke, Baidu has only included the home page, it is a problem of this program, I completely abandoned. The beginning of a first, buy a station in ADMIN5, it is a layman, the money to the corn, up to now there is no transfer to me. Through six months to do stand, summarized as follows:

a, space

can not guarantee the stability of the space, often inaccessible, the spider unfavorable, the website I bought, because for a VPS service provider space, there is a problem, three days can not access, Baidu direct shielding, more than 3 thousand IP there. Novice do stand, be sure to find a stable space

two, program

First of all,

should find a good point of the procedure, what is good, affirmative answer, the money to buy a good, technical support, after-sales service, I now use the 5U system, the feeling can also be

space is stable, the program is appropriate, is to do half the success of

three, keyword positioning

what do you want? What are you facing user groups? Think about their own use what kind of keywords, right, remember one thing, but do not change a position, don’t feel this today, tomorrow the better, so that you will fall into a dead end, forever without direction. We can think of their own keywords in Baidu search, and then look for the lower right corner of the relevant search to locate, so you can better bring traffic and user

from Baidu

four, content and optimization

really do stand success points also >