Jiang Min a successful case analysis of micro blog

on the micro-blog marketing article, see every day in micro-blog’s activities is also very much, some so-called experts more, so Jiang Min will not repeat some theoretical things, write their own understanding of the direct analysis of micro-blog planning activities and some successful cases.

micro-blog activities in the form of a lot, but nothing more than to achieve three purposes: 1, to increase the audience (fans), 2, to promote brand awareness, and to improve the transmission rate of 3 to guide consumption. Because they want to achieve the purpose of different, so for these three activities planning is not the same, but can not put these three purposes on the same activities at the same time, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of the broadcast. As to how to improve the quality of micro-blog activities, you can learn from some good examples of activities.

1, increase audience. The most common way is to award forwarding, because the purpose of the activity is to increase the audience, so do not set the rules too complex, or it will be difficult to arouse the audience’s interest in participation and natural broadcast. The best way to listen to the broadcast request: + + @ three friends write comments. Another choice of planning activities is the key time, is the best choice in traditional festivals or site memorial day, after all, everything is only right and proper reasons.

case: a website of a national day


I think this is a very good planning activities, rules are simple and clear, with the above method in "listening + broadcast commentary + @ three friends is very consistent, the audience involved more easily. Time is only three days, can cause the more than 1 thousand and 100 broadcast, according to my observation, only three days increased by more than 2 thousand of the audience, do not underestimate these data for an unknown site, has been quite good.

2, promote brand awareness. The promotion of the need for a more comprehensive planning program, the need for creativity, but also need a very appropriate period, can also be regarded as an opportunity. Throughout the micro-blog circle, a lot of big and small events, but can not really affect the formation of brand cases. The number of the last year compared to the classic VANCL style and some time ago, Durex, a sensation of creativity, bring the effect is absolutely extraordinary.

case: Durex footwear event



, the micro-blog event not only harvest more than 80 thousand forwarding, the topic list first and become more beautiful, just after the hot classic marketing case, leaving a legend, to let people admire.

3, improve the transmission rate to guide consumption. This is the most direct way to help the site, but also the ultimate goal of micro-blog marketing. But now micro-blog’s advertising content is too much, the Internet users have a link to the broadcast has been a rejection or refusal attitude, not to mention