Zoupian Jian Feng create search engine marketing invincible reputation

for relying on Baidu to promote the electricity supplier companies, the flow problem has been resolved. However, unlike the Taobao platform, there are third party regulation, product reputation is easy to build. Product reputation and flow conversion, has been doing a hurdle cross Baidu platform business enterprise.

as a result of their own is also a platform to do Baidu product operations, reputation building and traffic conversion problems, has been plagued by the author of a problem. So I almost no longer thinking, hoping to find a way to solve this problem. However, hard work pays off, as the time to do online marketing more and more long, I finally found a set of invincible word of mouth marketing ideas, simple to share with you.

1 product line:

in product planning, I began to lay the foundation for the back of the reputation. Usually I will be in the product planning, product packaging a layer of "Parking" halo. Then I will be in the company’s products and website promotion, a large number of published information. Information template roughly as follows: when I was in the United States, used * * * * (product name), with a very good feeling, and now want to continue to return to the use of foreign purchasing is very convenient, I do not know where to buy it?

believe that a lot of experienced product operations manager, in the above paragraph, I have understood my intention, but I still have to explain to novice friends. First of all, I used my abroad, echoed in the planning package "Bo" aura; second, I said I used, with the good, hope again to buy that idea, really good products; third, this information release time, before the site and product on-line promotion, authentic.

2 product line in the early stages:

any kind of word of mouth construction methods, can not be used all the time, with the depth of product operations, we need to further deepen the reputation of the building, so as to avoid consumer fatigue. After a period of time on the web site, I like to use the group to build the official website of the way to deepen the construction of reputation.

the reason why I choose this method, because their website has been promoted to run for some time, has a certain degree of visibility. This time I will build a batch of counterfeit website group to sell the same product, and prominently in the official website, impassioned condemnation phishing, and safeguard the interests of consumers to emphasize enterprise.

I also see a lot of product managers in the use of friends, but also very good use. I believe we all understand that any kind of really good products, there will be no lack of counterfeiters. And we believe that their own to establish a number of counterfeiters, in fact, is the use of consumers’ brand easy to counterfeit, the heart, to strengthen the status of products in their minds.

3 product line in the late