Look at the logistics industry how to do business from the SF hey off

May 2014, SF hey off convenience stores in the country to start, the first officially opened in 518, China throughout the major cities, "Hey" convenience store launched at the same time, SF boss Wang Wei will get to the bottom of the layout for the results. Since 2012, SF SF preferred to start on-line food, fresh curve into electricity supplier industry, also opened the exploration on the electricity supplier industry logistics industry road.

small series will be listed below the logistics industry to do electricity supplier example

1 (B2C, SF preferred food business platform)

2012 –

officially launched the SF SF preferred (food business platform) project, even at the time of the SF is fully deserve the domestic courier industry leader, logistics and warehousing incomparable advantage, can switch to do the electricity supplier industry is still not optimistic about the. Before Tmall, Jingdong, one store business tycoon in front after the ride, high investment and high consumption, fresh food with complex category, product supply chain and so on to the old road to slow and hard SF preferred.

2, hey off convenience store (O2O community electricity supplier convenience store)

back O2O SF convenience store, can be traced back to 2011, it was opened in Shenzhen on the first SF shop. But later due to various reasons, the SF temporarily abandoned O2O. However, with the SF food category, the supply chain of agricultural products continue to deepen and perfect, May 2014, "Hey" convenience stores in the country opened in 518, and a few big system of express, logistics, electricity providers, rural community business, financial integration ".

3, love to buy Super


July 2012, Shen Tong investment 20 million "love to buy super net" officially launched, by a well-known Shanghai Shentong joint investment company and social celebrities jointly established Zhejiang Shentong Agel Ecommerce Ltd responsible for the operation, the scale is similar to the shop No. 1.

According to

, "love to buy super net" consumption types extended from 3C products, books and audio-visual products to the general merchandise products the opportunity to online supermarket this integrated model, relying on STO in the domestic logistics network, love to buy super net will provide three day delivery and evening special delivery service for customers, with online banking, cash on delivery, Alipay, quick money, credit cards and other payment. However, it failed in less than two months on the line. (data source from network)

4, 100 transport network (B2C integrated international logistics mall)

100 transport network is an international logistics business based integrated network of the city, if the preferred SF is by virtue of their strong domestic express to choose fresh food, as the breakthrough point of the electricity supplier, the 100 transport network is in the international logistics industry with 15 years of industry accumulation, comprehensive integration of existing international logistics industry with hundreds of logistics resources, transport network shopping platform, improve the drawbacks of the traditional logistics industry to pay communication, to provide personalized comprehensive logistics services for customers.


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