f there is no idea of how to do planning topics

recently this time and a few friends exchanges plan is more, especially a friend to do the planning has been for several years, but this time he felt the topics had the same theme, so that no planning ideas, don’t know how to submit a what kind of subject to the leadership turnover. I believe a lot of friends have to do the planning and he had the same idea, especially when doing the subject, do not know how to conduct marketing theme, so as to attract the attention of users, and finally achieve the benefits? For this question, we work together to explore the solution to what.

why do you want to do


if there is no way to plan the topic, we need to think about why we do this topic. We are all exposed to the network marketing, from this aspect of understanding, clear every job is to good marketing products. The effect of the topic is to allow users to attract the first time, stay a page, a little bit to see, to find what they want to see, so as to achieve the purpose of a marketing.

often planning specialist in the topic, more consideration is how to complete the task, not how good marketing. As a qualified specialist, to clearly understand that what is the objective of the project is what the purpose of the topic, not do meaningless, but let the user feel instead, so when the next time you really have the good feature of the marketing is no one see.

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I believe we all know, project planning is a highly intelligent work, it is the crystallization of many years of work experience, the accumulation of knowledge workers, is the need of "inspiration" and "feeling", is one of the most creative work. Whether you are a novice or qualified planning, can not be separated from the following three aspects:

1, planning specialist must have a keen mind.

if you are doing some news media planning requirements, so in this respect will be very strict, you must keep keen to capture the hot issues in the industry, the focus of the phenomenon, news, events, the detailed information of the tracking and sorting, proactively, topics of planning, arrangement this reporter interviewed line, invite the relevant experts and scholars of a writer or an interview, and edit the common design layout and cover art.

from this point, we are not difficult to see, want to plan a project, is not a short duration of time. In many industries, we plan out of the topic, are quickly resolved, it will be submitted to the leadership, after no matter in the end there is no use, in the end what is missing. A good planning topics you need a strong sense of professionalism, and to their respective industries have a policy theoretical level and professional knowledge of the long-term accumulation, but also for the development of an event can prompt attention, improve their critical thinking, at the same time various departments coordination.

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