The development strategy of social e commerce to build a vertical professional service community


an interesting phenomenon, some sell 3C goods stores, because more and more difficult to store the burden of rent increases every year, so more and more concentrated to the phenomenon, this phenomenon has spread over the years, and some engaged in B2C business, recently faced portal advertising media advertising show up the price pressure also began to face more and more input-output disproportionate dilemma.


entity with virtual are facing the same situation, the flow of people is the key point in which they grow, and to the flow of people has cost more and more is also high, this has become a disguised barriers to entry, resulting in no sufficient funds preferred to face the pressure of survival, the burn will also eat slowly disappear, after all, the short-term can bring scale as a stage of KPI, but the long term is to return to the fundamentals, especially once listed, facing greater performance pressure challenges, not always doing business at a loss, the performance of the stock price is a big challenge.

to solve this problem, the recent succession with some friends to do the electricity supplier industry in-depth exchanges, and almost hear one voice, some on the table have set up business electricity supplier layout of social media and community members, it is not only Sina micro-blog, social networking sites such as business, which has is not new, but further, some electricity providers began to build their own community website, hope to establish their own fixed and loyal members of the foundation, and started to recruit talents and team in this area.

this really fulfilled e-commerce will follow the social direction of electronic commerce in foreign countries, also how much some successful experiences, although some people interpret this is Yiwofeng behavior, and questioned the electricity supplier with low price competition is still the way to attract users, but in the face of this group of the internet no loyalty the user, but I’m not so pessimistic, I think the members of the Human effort is the decisive factor. is absolutely necessary, business, the key lies in the depth and detail of the membership management.

indeed, many electricity providers do only the most superficial layer, for example with some SNS posted button in the commodity description page, then according to different season, introducing different special offer goods, let users active sharing. It belongs to the wide net, decisive battle in the station; but the effect of this is not a matter of fact, there are many cheap goods to compete on the Internet, how can people take the initiative to do so, and even in the Sina micro-blog platform to see the special information related to be posted here, how many people are willing to click? Most people believe that this is a deliberate operation advertising intent.

A small part of the

, this approach is only for members of the community management, and its value lies in the exposure of information, like a poster everywhere, such information, as a small advertising posters bulletin, the user may even look will not, so if you only to achieve this level, then it was posted out, the wording.

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