Several methods to solve personal website promotion

with the rapid development of the Internet era, personal webmaster website promotion more and more difficult now many people do not know how to become a network push hands

1, soft Wen promotion. Soft Wen promotion is the promotion of the network magic hands, but also the essence and core of soft advertising. Today, hard advertising has been gradually accepted by people in recent years, soft advertising and event hype burst out of the power to make you wonder. One event to build out a brand shops and let people know the truth: now, do not want to first sell what, but to how to make a good first super brand, psychological each have a hand is how to combine the background concepts for a successful speculation, including news portal and forum speculation speculation, the second is what kind of industry for what kind of marketing, what kind of soft creation and consumer psychology can achieve a good advertising effect.

2, SEO and search engine promotion. In July 16th, CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) released the "twenty-fourth Chinese Internet development statistics report", the report shows that the scale of China’s Internet users reached 338 million in the first half of this year, continues to lead the global Internet; as of June 2009, 69.4% of Internet users use search engines. It can be seen that the network of all the world’s industries in all the sites are not related to the search engine can not be separated by the search engine constraints, which stems from people’s dependence on search engines. Baidu in China to 65.8% market share ahead of other competitors. Network push hand must be familiar with SEO technology and Baidu promotion process, price, effect, keyword selection and effect evaluation.

3, blog promotion. The blog promotion is the most common, but generally do new friends most commonly used at present, the domestic general portal website basically can blog, free resources, who want to take advantage of, but for this I have engaged in the industry, to effect of blog content can quickly be included Baidu, Google etc. the search engine, which is a two increase in the chain, can bring some useful traffic, so the blog choice is very quickly in the search engine to achieve the effect is the best, here, according to my half try effect, analyze the effect of Search Pro resistance domestic mainstream portal site blog engine.

4, Q & a promotion. In a large knowledge quiz website such as Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, in Soso Ask the answer and their content related issues, and then add their own links in question to publicity website. Generally speaking, if you just write on a web site, this answer is very difficult to do not adopt, so some owners will use some compromise, such as their website cleverly integrated into the answer, let the user interested in opening the website; or a partial answer, behind to provide their own web site. And the webmaster can register multiple username, question and answer, and then answer as the best answer. For example, "what website online movie speed >

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