The content of Entrepreneurship the westward movement has ended welcome to modern times


content entrepreneurship came to modern times

The concept of "

Chinese Internet into the second half" is from the media, between cannot do without a vested interest is the tacit understanding that this relationship is not echoed each other, in order to illustrate there lies the composition, on the contrary, they may be used in a harmful way to the lowest, discouraging those still emerging challenger overweeningly ambitious.

over the past few years, there are often a sound criticism of so-called "phenomenal application" until even the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, 2016 flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum don’t exist in the past, people only remember that not reliable but imagination surprise that burst time, subversion has to be quixotic and tragic, but also definitely not like now is the habitual liar label affixed.

"second half" does not mean that this need not have a pool of stagnant water — pessimistic attitude — but need to recognize that market shaping future is real, like General Electric and Westinghouse in the rules of the game are no longer competing for the common, but like Coca-Cola and Pepsi consumption in such fierce competition in the field of the story will continue.

by Hayek theory, which is the market leader for short-term reward, and solve the waste of excess production efficiency, so "BAT" have also sounded into the infrastructure of the horn, to persuade entrepreneurs and reinvent the wheel, such as open 4S stores.

seems to be with echo, originally a new generation of shoulder flow bonus content business, also began to shout "iterative" the sound, it is surprising that, in theory, supply and demand of the market is difficult to calculate the content — especially after the trend of the digital economy to break the traditional publishing routines this industry has some confusion about the logic through cost and profit formula.

2014, Zhang Yiming took the headlines today war A new force suddenly rises. web portal, and said that today’s headlines "not the media, but the mobile content search engine", if this word that reached the ears of Robin Li, will probably be dismissed as sneer: "you deserve?"


2016, late admission Baidu strong push "hard 100", to restore the lost content of fence losses, Baidu mobile phone, as the core of the mobile phone application under the flag of "comprehensive" headlines today, let Zhang Yiming to evaluate this funny scene, perhaps the only dark passage a sound mom the mentally retarded. "

this is not in the politically correct type of satire Baidu, nor to Zhuge afterwards to deify the headlines today, but the content of this commodity in the desktop Internet open environment is almost synonymous with cheap, but because the mobile Internet closed trend tends to regain Island value identity, have to say some black humor.

about "roots" and "in the second half, almost all is committed to improving the user retention time.

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