Mou Changqing the first Witkey website publishing task harvest experience

ZZDH Adsense navigation set up more than 2 months, there has been no exclusive site in the LOGO icon. Every time my partner let me provide web site LOGO, I was free to make LOGO site, just get a. Especially this year around the stationmaster Congress more and more, is also very fortunate to be many webmaster general assembly support media, but there has been no unified image of LOGO, has great influence on the ZZDH webmaster navigation brand promotion.

For example,

before the "Anhui Internet webmaster General Assembly alliance" and "Shanghai 2009 small site Cultural Festival" and the recent upcoming January 10th "Chongqing website alliance 2008 Annual Conference" ZZDH webmaster navigation is the support media or guest Co, have the honor to and laggards, Chinaz, stationmaster net and other well-known webmaster site in a column. But because LOGO is not uniform, although marked by ZZDH in multiple activities page webmaster conferences and activities at the scene of the LOGO, but because LOGO are constantly changing, may leave the impression to the webmaster friends, like to see certain "webmaster navigation" but because of a change in LOGO and change, do not remember whether it is the same site. The following figure, in which the two general meeting of the different LOGO.

Figure 1:

in the "Anhui Internet Alliance webmaster general assembly to use LOGO

Figure 2:

in the "Chongqing 2008 annual meeting website alliance" the use of LOGO

because they do not art, there is no suitable friends around to help design. So the first thought of the release of the task through the Witkey website, and pay for production. In order to catch up with the latest LOGO in the near future the owners meeting, so I was released a "rush for 2 days, LOGO _ design website webmaster navigation task. Because the first attempt in Witkey, plus navigation station is not profitable, so the choice is the lowest price of 100 yuan commission.

Figure 3:

in the LOGO task released

at first I did not report much hope, I do not know how many people will be interested in such a task, and low commission, I would like to have a few submissions on the good. The results of a series of things, I have brought a lot of surprises. Through the above data, we can see, in 2 days time, there are 903 people concerned, the registration of the 51, the 76 manuscript. I did not expect such a short time, there will be 76 LOGO design submissions. The most surprising thing is that on January 4th, from the pig eight quit network, came over a lot of traffic there are hundreds of IP. Did not expect the Witkey website can not only release the task, or a place for traffic promotion. Do Witkey task, is also the Internet crowd, so through over the flow, it is the target user. Feel that this 100 yuan is too cost-effective, not only eventually found the right website LOGO, but also let the ZZDH webmaster navigation free in the pig eight quit a propaganda

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