Five important methods of network promotion


site is every day a geometric growth rate with the entire Internet portal, personal station, station, station enterprises like the stars of heaven, beyond count, so there is a philosopher who said, in fact, every star in the sky correspond to each site on the Internet, so how to make your site become Sirius, become the Rev. Star light shining? It needs to promote. At present, the Internet can well run website can only account for about five percent, why so many websites as many small stars? That is the promotion method is not well, let website traffic is always at a low level, a lot of people do not know the search engine with the power of how big, if able to occupy the search the engine of the top few words, then your website traffic natural can get great improvement, here we have to promote related methods to introduce


first: the choice of Web site keywords


keyword is the most important, so we give the optimization about it in the first place, the website keyword is the direction of development, also is the center, if appropriate, then your website would be a greater chance of survival and grow a lot, so the choice of keywords is very difficult to estimate? Some people think that comparison difficult, in fact there is no imagination of so difficult, as long as you choose the right keywords own development can, if you choose a business is a national, then you do not need to add to the region in front of the name of keywords, keywords can also be as concise and to the point, the future of the brand promotion, the corresponding the

effect will be better!

second: website content, technology, structure and function


we determined the site keywords, so we will be classified according to the keywords, design of the structure, if the content of the web site to do so for the whole country, the technical requirements will be more stringent, will also become more important, for the provinces can use two level domain names to be divided, so that we can improve keywords around the city to high traffic, so the number of traffic is also very amazing, keywords around the city with the website main keywords, these large classes can be achieved by calling the directory in the form of code optimization to achieve the same in accordance with the Baidu crawl the way, for the art design of the website requirements also need to attract people, website rich content to fit the actual reality, the news also need To the editor in charge of writing, write the contents according to the keywords to optimize the choice of title should be very attractive, readable content also have, don’t get out of order, to think of a way to retain the user


third: select the central business for the crowd, the subsidiary business

when we determine the key words, the website also often center business has confirmed at this time is to find relevant people to promote targeted promotion, the effect will be better, of course, in order to enrich the site to fit the tastes of different groups of people, we should choose some affiliated.

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