Content social promotion and communication routines

is often tied to the flow of a few verbs is cited, suck, guide, which means that the flow of people hanging in front of a piece of saliva DC meat".


"meat" is a variety of benefits, the reason why the stranger with you to establish some kind of contact to become your powder, people are looking to get more benefits from you.


drainage consists in designing proper benefits (value), and as widely as possible to let people know that you have a good.

benefits (value) of the carrier can be invisible service, can also be a real commodity, can also be a combination of intangible and physical. However, the value of your point of the letter of introduction in the current form of communication in cyberspace is nothing more than articles, audio and video three media.

expand a little, people buy goods in essence is to buy your product can give him the benefits, rather than the product itself. OK, do the groundwork, naturally derived community benefits design and promotion routines.

it goes without saying that you must have a clear idea of what you can give to others when you play the game. Comfort you, even if you do not have any expertise, at least there are money and brains, there are two things, what benefits can be designed.

is very rich in the specific routines of community drainage. But the Internet is concerned about the background, in the final analysis is the content of drainage – by writing the article is very cattle, recorded a variety of carefully designed voice and video to distribute, to attract attention. The only thing you can really do is to drive people to spread your content.

From the

drive mode can be divided into two categories, one is to use the money to solve, the most typical is the pay promotion; the second is the so-called "free", is the common processing all kinds of dry cargo drainage.

operation steps:

1 build impressive value.

, such as training to do a good job in the design of curriculum training content, to share the project to be a good operating manual, the collection agent refining good gameplay, selling software ready software.

2 polishing content.

is the most commonly used text media, bragging atmosphere can use audio, felt that beauty can not be in the side can show the video at just the right which form with the kind of. Conditional, it is best to cover the whole, because the specific channel for the media is a requirement, such as the video site can not give you an article.

3 to promote your content.

in fact, whether it is paid or free promotion, is a kind of pay, there is no absolute free energy is a cost. Calculate the input-output ratio, depicting the user portrait, targeted channels to choose to give your potential customers.


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