NetEase Ding Lei entrepreneurship can not because of the fast and put himself to death

Abstract: for a new company, innovation but may put myself down. The risk of innovation is big? First, innovation requires a lot of money; second, innovative things need to have a gradual acceptance of the process of the user; finally, the company also needs to overcome many technical difficulties.

in the work, do not know if you have noticed a phenomenon: some leaders often put "innovation" and "fast". These words… Guazaizuibian, sounds of these words is very great glorious and correct. In the past, the vote also think that these words, even if not necessarily in every company can play a role, but often mention the company is always good.

until I read Mr. Ding Lei’s article, I realized that these words are likely to be a lot of start-up companies to a dangerous place. In this article, Mr. Ding Lei recalled his own business these years have fallen over the pit, all the way out of the experience and the unique understanding of entrepreneurship. Perhaps Mr Ding Lei’s wise remark of an experienced person can help you avoid detours.


At the beginning of

I founded NetEase in June 1997, when there were fewer than 100 thousand Internet users in china. The reason why we named NetEase, is the hope that the Internet can become easier.

When the founder of NetEase

, my ideal is after the success of oneself can have a house, a car, do not go to work on time every day, you can sleep late, money can go out to travel. So, you must not think, I was holding a great idea to start a great company, I did not have this idea.

registered a good company, we found a very small room, about 8 square meters. At that time, I was very optimistic about the development of the Internet in two directions, the first direction is the search engine; the other is a free e-mail.

want to do search engine is because there are so many websites on the Internet, so much information, so there must be an entrance, and then Chinese search engine Yahoo has no domestic, almost no other search engine. My colleagues and I spent about a month to write a search engine, later write and found a problem when the 1997 China have a total of 200 sites, this is like a person only 200 books, but to do a library, so we were very disappointed. At the same time did not earn what money.

so I’m trying to get a free mailbox. At that time, out of two ideas, one is the mailbox is bound to bring a high amount of access; another is the registration information of the mailbox is likely to become the future of e-commerce information. When I finished, a lot of people generally said that the light is not the flow of advertising revenue, e-commerce is too far away from China, you still go back and think about it.

so that was the most frustrating time, and the company has invested seven months of time and money on this product,

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