Discussion on the marketing boundary of social media from the case of Changchun car theft



previous total enterprise asked me those advertising and PR agency can use 100 kinds of strategies and cases in terms of how micro-blog has value, they can make use of micro-blog how far-reaching spread in the proposal, but never told him that micro-blog could not be what to do, or what are taboo.


— or any kind of media forms, have a nature of "double-edged sword", even the TV TV structure is more simple one-way communication media, have been violated because advertising be too numerous to enumerate the audience psychological influence brand and product image of the case. Just, "micro-blog marketing" for three years in the Chinese market but who never blossom everywhere, real to tell companies, through the micro-blog marketing activities, in addition to the favorable factors, what are the boundary of the principles should be like that around twenty-second military regulations about race even as companies move out at any time around.

so there is Changchun the Infant Death Mourning stolen wilderness, SAIC Buick dealers selling cars to the classic negative case.

on the morning of March 4th, a private car stolen in Changchun, RAV4, while the car was stolen and only 2 months old baby on the back seat. After the owner of the alarm, the news spread spread on micro-blog, out of concern for a new life, making this criminal case has become almost the focus of attention of the whole network. Shanghai GM Buick dealers in Shenyang @ Liaoning Tianhe Buick at noon on March 5th (at the same time, the case has not yet clear progress, the baby is still "missing") published an occasion that Buick car product safety features of the micro-blog, also used the missing baby photos as decorative content:


in March 5th to around 8 pm, the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department announced the case results by micro-blog, the suspect Zhou Xijun confessed, he found the stolen vehicles have a baby in the back seat, parking strangled the baby and buried in the road in the snow. When the micro-blog Liaoning Tianhe Buick, is a living dead grief of friends again turned out, meaning has been completely changed, "Buick is in this life to do with marketing". And this time, and it is the nine to five enterprises staff have to work over time to work with a micro-blog account in the parking, no time to take into account the anger, controversial micro-blog content Liaoning Tianhe Buick within hours of being violent turn over time, with almost all condemning the counter "SAIC Buick" brand and Liaoning Tianhe, until the boss of Buick from the corporate headquarters of the most urgent wake up calls, then hastened to ordered his troubled micro-blog.

this is the consequences of training is not complete, can imagine, Liaoning Tianhe Buick micro-blog operators must have heard too many times, the value of micro-blog’s "teach"

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