Digital marketing can not ignore the 7 step digital wave will sweep the globe

[introduction] "mobile terminal", "the social network", "e-commerce", "O2O", continued hot, digital wave big data is sweeping the globe, more users put time in mobile media. About digital marketing, here we recommend 7 steps to promote the development of marketing.

a. Web design beautiful

web page is through the visual elements and the realization of information content. 94% of users attributed their refusal to visit a web site as a result of bad Web design. In fact, a good web site, in addition to all kinds of information in the most efficient and convenient way to convey to the audience, but also pay attention to the overall appearance of web design, with clear and good integrity of the page, make people browsing a happy mood.

two. Mobile website design can not be ignored

with the development of the mobile industry and accelerate the pace of life, people are increasingly dependent on mobile phones. We can not only through the mobile phone contact with friends and family, can also browse the Internet information, even when sitting in front of the computer for online shopping habits also began to transfer to the mobile phone. However, 57% of users said they would not recommend a bad design of a mobile phone website. Therefore, want to do a good job of their own brands, to promote their products, the majority of electricity providers must pay attention to the design of the mobile phone website.

three APP

. According to the development of pulse

we can often see such a scenario: when the bus, subway, and even on the toilet when you have to bring your cell phone, read novels and browse the web, etc.. Many people use fragmented time to see the phone, thanks to the emergence and application of APP. The development of mobile Internet derived a lot of convenient and practical products, APP is one of them. With the popularity of smart phones, APP is more and more popular.

according to statistics, 82% of smartphone users are spending time on the APP client. APP convenient for businesses to accumulate more users, has brought huge profits, the income of the business and future development has played a key role. In order to promote the development of digital marketing, must be closely linked to the development of pulse APP.

four.SEO optimize social effects

with the development of the Internet, SEO, that is, the rapid rise of search engine optimization. Compared with the traditional push marketing, such as e-mail, flyers, SEO has the characteristics of precision. More commercial value. According to the report, the traditional push marketing in the proportion of the exchange rate of 1.7%, while the proportion of SEO was about 14.6%, the two are almost the same as the gap between the 10. With the rapid development of SEO, the marketing market has entered a new stage of development. More and more enterprises begin to pay attention to the optimization of search engine.

five. Click on paid advertising for

PPC, that is, pay per click advertising, search engine marketing is the most common form of online advertising. >

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