The only way out for the development of Mao Zedong’s campaign war

warfare is the main military strategic guidance of Mao Zedong Jiang Jieshi out of the encirclement, but also our individual owners out of the encirclement strategy of some network chiefs.

what "war of movement": mobile warfare is a military combat mode, relying on the larger operational space for time mobile troops surrounded by the enemy, to force a quick fix, use of mobile warfare to the words "to avoid the enemy force, depth, concentrate superior forces, crush one by one".

what’s the use of the campaign to the Internet? I’ll take "China 13 color" this site to illustrate.

is now China’s network is not ten years ago, a lot of bigwigs, bigwigs who are occupied in any field, trying to control the entire network market, almost the same with Jiang Jieshi. What do we do with these new sites,


such as: my 13 Chinese color is also a new lottery website, but now IP has reached 2W, Baidu, Google included tens of thousands of search engine traffic on the tens of thousands, how to do it. Lottery site is also a big brother gathered. How can we capture the market.

————————————— is mainly referred to as "the enemy in motion".

1 I mainly from the lottery to start, because many lottery lottery official website is very slow, I have to choose the betting station cooperation, lottery results released for the first time, immediately occupied a large market.

2 on the network and vigorously promote the 13 key words China color, because my address is, corresponding to 13 China color, this can make weight web site in the search engine, now the search engine to "China 13 color" reached 200 ip.

The puzzle content of

3 lottery network does not provide official development. Study on the lottery is a kind of personal interests, personal interests will produce a lot of riddle, that we will provide this platform to attract a large number of lottery. This produces a large number of self input ip.

4 official lottery network does not provide color like transport calculation Daquan pick machine simulation of this intelligent machine interesting lottery tool. I developed a lot of such tools. Attract large lottery.

, I will avoid the enemy force, depth, concentrate superior forces, crush one by one". Rapid occupation of the online lottery market.

hopes to be able to help the emerging industry owners. China 13 color exclusive analysis, reproduced please specify the source

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