ndustry Web site is the way out

introduction: construction industry website idea long-standing, is also optimistic about the development trend of the industry Web site, you want to go to the regular development of a planning industry website transition from the dumpster.

a, industry choice:

look at the major industries, almost all major industries have been the monopoly of the site: cement, chemical, steel and so on, our only way out is to find more market segments. Because one of my relatives in the building materials industry fought for many years, so I have to use Baidu Search building materials industry know, but building networks all over the country, large and small building materials and building materials are so numerous, general industry, requires a lot of manpower to gather material to understand the characteristics of various categories, is not suitable for our start-up website. So, through more than half a month of market research, we chose to do the door and window industry website, the main reasons are as follows:

1, the competition is not very full;

2, there is no such a network like the floor of the oligarchs, is conducive to the long-term development of the future;

3, the annual commercial housing construction in full swing, the door and window industry has a certain market prospects;

4, compared with other products, a deeper understanding of the door and window industry.

B, the steps:

detailed steps more clearly than I do, I only introduce a few key points.

1, registered www.yiweimc.com and www.menchuangw.com two domain names, as to why the registration of the domain name of the 2, I will introduce in detail;

2, the doors and windows of the main industry and secondary key words, the design of the distribution of keywords in the site;

3, contact the purchase of a network of commercial web site procedures, and then targeted to do some of the site’s internal optimization and made some improvements to some web pages. Spend more than 2 thousand to buy program perhaps for many used to move easily, such as free dedecms procedures for small webmaster some incomprehensible, but considering the long-term development of the site, we chose to have the better technical support fee program;

4, the material collected spent nearly 2 months time, why spend 2 months of time, many webmaster friends all know, wholly intact copied over, Baidu will be disgusted, so they have to spend some time a little change;

5, relying on the original garbage site, do some appropriate links, and diligently looking for some links.

C, basic objectives:

short-term goals: the use of 4~6 months time, the site will become the same type of site in the most professional website, and do a good job of optimization, the site’s key words in Baidu and GOOGLE ranking.

medium-term goal: the use of about half a year on a certain popularity on the basis of certain activities through the organization of the forum and blog

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