A boutique post actually can last several years to make money

a few days ago, in a group, it was said that the forum promotion.

now do a lot of BBS promotion, many of them are using way wide net, and with the help of software, several group of friends lamented this promotion model suffer by frequent delete, or suffer from a large amount of work has weak effect.

then there is a group of friends said, now only do fine is the way out."

group of friends gave an example, a hot topic of a lottery on the forum, I see the links posted in April this year. Up to now, there are 320 thousand reading volume, the number of top ten thousand.

group of friends said the landlord is to rely on such a promotion to make money, and the main work is to maintain this post.

he posts are also simple, is to provide some personal prediction, and then interact with the placard.

money model, mainly the use of post drainage, as to how profitable, group friends did not specifically say.

but I think as long as there is traffic, drainage to his own carrier, then more profitable way.

you can drain to QQ, QQ group, WeChat, blog, website, shop and other carriers.

traffic gathered on the carrier, realized, just a result.

transform on the basis of the resources you have. You can sell, sell the ads, CPA, CPS, etc..

In the case of

, say, group immediately have a master echo, "promotion of quality posts worth hundreds of wide net".

he sold watches, a few years ago in a professional forum issued a post, only maintained for more than a year,

and then over the past few years, someone through the post to add his QQ, become his customers.

a post, you will be able to continue to earn money for a few years, and the latter has been an automatic flow of income.

this is not a lot of network marketers dream realm?

I before "if you ignore the Forum promotion value?" in this paper, also talked about the value and importance of this forum to promote, so today see boutique post ideas, in fact is to provide a practical direction — don’t pursue quantity for us to do a forum to promote, but should be fine.

do a fine thread, do you get on top of hundreds of hair everywhere.

For example,

mentioned that lottery post, about 320000 of the traffic, I’m actually in this post plate inside, see there are more popular posts, is now over a million hits.

and then you can see on the horizon, mop.com and other places, millions of visitors post, meet the eye everywhere.

maintenance for a few years, tens of millions of posts, I have seen.

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