Yang who is to save the Witkey

Chinese original Internet model is only two, is a Alibaba of Ma Yun electronic commerce, is a Witkey concept proposed by Liu Feng in July 2005.

end view of 2007, Ma Yun’s Alibaba listed, which is gratifying. Alibaba to promote the global e-commerce market, and become the object of imitation. But Witkey in 2007 but in trouble, no great breakthrough and development.

today, the Alibaba to do a chat show, the dialogue is very wonderful, Witkey rookie, the speaker is Witkey website practitioners, he made bold extension Witkey mode of electronic commerce, and from this model of electronic intelligence service. There is no reason not to mention, but for Witkey industry, it is a big breakthrough and innovation.

Why should the

Witkey e-commerce to do


Witkey (wit English Witkey is wisdom, key key), in the Internet era, by virtue of their creative ability (wisdom and creativity) on the Internet to help others and get paid is witkey. Generally speaking, Witkey is engaged in product knowledge of transactions on the Internet people. The traditional type of task Witkey is offering a reward of bidding, this kind of Witkey network is facing a great challenge is a serious waste of social resources and the concept of Witkey and draw further apart in this case, we need to innovate witkey.

"dialogue Witkey rookie guest speaker tallzhi.com CEO Gong Bing, he observed the traditional Witkey for nearly two years, it is because of this two years of careful observation and exploration, he dared to put forward a bold innovation, is to use e-commerce mode to do Witkey is electronic intelligence what he said is.

what is the electronic intelligence service mode Witkey


electronic intelligence service is to provide a trading platform for Witkey Witkey through display, proof and good management of their own ability, ability into products, the establishment of C2C between the demand and the business relationship. The entire transaction process is almost Taobao’s model, but Taobao is sold in kind, Amoy wisdom is the sale of virtual knowledge goods.


in this mode, Witkey is no longer crowded single plank bridge to bid, but through the trading platform to sell their knowledge, experience and skills, and to collect information and so on. Passive to active


said electronic intelligence service to save the traditional witkey.

e-commerce Witkey (electronic intelligence service) and how to save the traditional Witkey mode? This is worth pondering


, the first electronic intelligence service is one of the Witkey transactions, there is no possibility of cheating, but not a serious waste of resources. The concept of a big change for Witkey, anti passive competition initiative.

second, electronic intelligence service does not exist, the risk of Witkey supply logistics system obstacles, the whole process is fast and convenient online trading,


third >

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