Social media marketing book analysis of 19 directions of network marketing 1

today, the Internet is everywhere, especially with the Chinese opens 3G era, website, has almost entered thousands of households, each may have their own blog or website, and to have a foot in the vastness of the internet station, do you know how to do? (original by Wu Jinzhi


social media marketing treasure from 20 directions of Internet content network marketing tool you analysis.

1 social networking site SNS marketing.

The most famous is

, happy net, a registered account on these sites and appropriate activities can bring unlimited traffic and popularity, social media marketing book of the world’s top 20 social networking site SNS, shortcut for your SNS popular marketing guide.

2 email marketing

has always been a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, e-mail is an integral part of the marketing for more than and 10 years, so you need to study the email marketing skills of social media marketing book also analyzed the success or failure of the course of email marketing for 10 years for you.

3 forum marketing

The target group of the

forum, the forum is a popular gathering your self promotion of good place, you can try, a hodgepodge of Tianya entertainment plate contains a huge flow of groups, and these are you aware,


4 Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia marketing

There is a problem with the

use Baidu Search, use Baidu Search to see advertising, use Baidu Search related content Baidu encyclopedia is often in the first half of the home page, if you can put the products, companies need to publicize the results made by Baidu, so…… You know。

5 video marketing

Youku, 56, potatoes, excitement…… More and more video sharing site waiting for you to use, if you want to just go there to see the video, so we still want to congratulate you on your first step in to see, from the leading, this is the trilogy of social media marketing marketing book, guidance for you.

6 image sharing

you say you don’t do it, almost all the men to do a operation, open Baidu input beautiful pictures or open Baidu image search input beauty, and you have to do is start from here if you provide pictures with your logo and guide site, traffic can be so!

              (original by Wu Jinzhi in this paper)

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