On the promotion of new station operation three months

Hello everyone, I have done this station has been 3 months, today to talk about my promotion methods, share with you webmaster.

first introduced my station: my station is a DZ forum, Marx film CMS and a home page I do myself. The main work of the day is to put a good post in the Forum on the home page, introduce some good movies.

Don’t just start doing well when members of the

forum, let alone find a good post, so that I own registered members, every registered ten, twenty, then you go to the major forum for some posted on my website, and then put these posts to my home. I use this method for more than a month, so very tired of traffic is still unsatisfactory, then I began to think of a way can’t do this anymore.

is just beginning to do so several recruit, mad Links, to the forum posting mengfa crazy, QQ group mail, because the result of doing a lot of junk links PR and 3 was reduced to 0, the forum account also one after another was blocked, ten QQ has been registered report of N times, the mailbox has been closed, so another 10 days with little improvement but still no big change. Then it is very painful, think of ways to promote my station every day, once in the station on the network promotion posts, said they saw a man with shop (they are classified information, they station) to store free open shop, and the shop signs and products (mainly to buy electronic products cooperation the) affixed their advertisements, so the light on the lower line of promotion website daily traffic has increased a lot.

when I want every day busy posting is also some offline promotion, then to specific way: to the place where many people advertise unrealistic, because I was standing, didn’t have the money; he printed some note posted everywhere afraid today posted up tomorrow to be tore.

these 2 methods are not enough, they began to think of other methods, one day I do not know how to think about doing propaganda on the car. Click here to say, my family is doing the passenger, there is a cloth cover our bus seat on top, usually there are some ads, but is free, I want to give them free advertising, why don’t I take advantage of the free resources, then quickly find copies for them to shop the top advertising for my website advertising, so for example, a car has 20 seats, 4 trips per day, so every day will see my personal website 80. After half a month of time, site traffic was improved, the later ads posted to the rear window of the car, the effect is better, and now I stand every day IP has reached almost ten thousand, it seems that this is effective, today introduced this method to you, although this method not everyone can use, but will certainly have this condition, I hope useful for everyone.

by the way to do an ad, this is my address, we can see. Www.gougouyule.c>

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