Seeking quality not quantity the accumulation of WeChat fans do not blindly too much

WeChat marketing are in the early accumulation of fans, but now the cost of the accumulation of fans is getting higher and higher, the reason may be WeChat marketing has spread. Led to a lot of WeChat users are very disgusted with the marketing, will not be easy to pay attention to WeChat public account, unless it is able to get some benefits or concessions. WeChat marketing costs increased, the blind pursuit of the number of fans, and fans do not value the quality that will allow WeChat to become the marketing The loss outweighs the gain. Enterprises invested tens of thousands of dollars to do WeChat marketing, the result is only a harvest of zombie powder, such promotion is meaningless.

NO1: through which channels are easy to get accurate fans

fans that users, but the fans are more loyal than ordinary users, how to get more accurate fans. To give a simple example: Women’s clothing store Taobao, for the customer population is naturally young women, especially the level of consumption of women in the middle of the following. Can be drawn through the line, so that potential users to participate in the lottery after the scan code, in this case, many people will be interested in. But only young women are allowed to participate and other male users are not eligible for the lottery. After such screening, basically can get a group of potential consumer groups.

NO2: learn how to filter out spam powder, zombie powder

no matter what kind of way to get through the fans, and ultimately have to filter out those junk powder, zombie powder, in fact, many users concerned about your public number, purely for gifts and concessions to. How can we filter out this kind of fans, first of all to interact regularly with the fans, if it is zombie fans or garbage powder, certainly will not treat you, your product will not be interested. Then plan some online and offline activities, zombie powder generally do not participate in any activities. The last is to observe the activity of fans, the same zombie powder will not update the circle of friends for many years.

NO3: offline product launches to increase fan loyalty

WeChat marketing can be successful, the key lies in the loyalty of fans, when fans believe you and your products. Then marketing is tantamount to success, and in the process, the public account is the official spokesman, represents a kind of authority and trust. If you don’t know how to make cosmetics, it is very difficult to sell their products, planning WeChat marketing team or individual, the first to fall in love with the products you sell. Fans tend to have a cult of their favorite brands, it is easier to blindly pay for their favorite brands. Through the line of product launches to increase the loyalty of fans, similar to millet, Meizu and other mobile phone brands often held press conference.

WeChat marketing is more like precision marketing, circle of friends selling products rely on contacts and trust. Zombie powder is just a decoration, and can not be converted into actual orders. So no matter what the product is sold on the WeChat platform, the quality of fans is far more important than quantity. Instead of maintaining a large number of fans will not spend a lot of time and money to spend your time, accurate grasp of the fans, to understand the consumer psychology of consumers, which is micro

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