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I go out in a few days ago, boring, walked into a KFC restaurant, on the way to the Internet and others, at the point of the meal there, when I was ready to grab a cup of coffee and French fries, found in the table covered with a leaflet on the surface of the picture is a very adorable cute kitten doll. Because the author is a cat person, so he ordered the package to send doll…… After I returned home later, through the Baidu search after the discovery, this is the original KFC launched a "small strange cat" meow "package".

MOE what is the element

The word

is adorable, from the development of the ACG, in fact, adorable refers the reader to see some more beautiful and cute characters produced when a passionate state of mind. Japanese blood Rome Pinyin input, is "Moe (MOO forms), if we use the Japanese input method MoE, will only display" forms "and" Adorable forms of burning". So in order to distinguish because of the beautiful things and blood of the state, respectively, and traditional blood, borrows the homonym of "Adorable forms" to describe.

I Meng marketing means the origin of

remember the first personal website I made at the end of 90s is the animation website, when many large ICP would turn to the Internet to provide personal space, generally there is no background cgi-bin, only ordinary web design space, capacity is about 20-40m, if the personal website of the large number of visitors, then you can the provider needs to put forward to enlarge the capacity of personal space.

because at that time, only the search engines like YAHOO, and not like the spider climb the scene, so the time to do personal website to make achievements, is to play on the real content to enrich the web space, remember to fill the content of the website, the author also made a special trip to Japan to the website "search" those lovely pictures.

at the same time, because the content is related to animation, so it is the animation design company, classic animation background music, the famous seiyuu (including Hongkong actor) etc. the information will be involved, of course, is not recommended Dojinshi — because the site is less reason, so as long as the YAHOO and other search engines a good website catalog ranking, you can get a lot of people contribute their cartoons, maybe this is the most early SEO.

through this website, I was already in use of adorable marketing means to attract visitors to the website, but also make it when I have continued to receive the advertisement check from the United states.

the development of the author Meng marketing means

because of the author’s personal experience in practical work in the days after, more care for those lovely, is also good, entertainment elements are fun. Therefore, the author in the automotive consulting

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