Site planning and operating free strategy constructs

website planning and operation has a variety of methods and strategies, free strategy is one of the rare marketing tools. Someone said, free is often the most expensive, from the words between the lines can be seen free the implications of strategy and strategic thinking.

we all know that businesses can not be free and free, free of charge for more and more in the future. Look at this years change the Internet, we can easily find the free strategy Dajian qigong. Talk about the grand game of online games free online games, it has become a pioneer in the operation of China’s new model of online games. This strategy proved successful, free to play so many game player into online world, when there is a huge customer base, slowly to high-end services, this model makes Sheng Dazuan pours.

another thing to say is free trial products. When we visit the online shopping mall, we often see a free trial advertising, as long as you leave an address, they will give you a trial. Many people have reservations about this kind of advertising, and to have such doubt: they really will send? Is not only the product, even the postage is of no use. And things will be sent to the problem? In fact, this will not worry, they will be sent, and the quality is first-class. Why? Because business is to create a good image of the product is free to send, send the poor quality of the products is the stone on their own feet, not only good quality, but also better than your usual products or other similar products the effect to be good, or how to let you have a desire to buy. When the first generation of consumer trial, this free strategy even if successful, businesses can also be profitable.

source code is open source program is an example of free strategy. If your program is doing well, the function is perfect, you want to pass it to get the benefits, but it is not the way to promote free is a kind of efficient promotion methods. Of course, here is not free to refer to the program all open source, but the basic part of the use of open source, the core part of the reservation. Through the open source free means to attract many users to use, and then by the user’s word of mouth spread, growing customer base, and then provide a part of the function of paid services, so as to achieve the purpose of profit.

now even anti-virus software is also advanced to the free field, it seems free strategy everywhere in the clap. Generally speaking, as long as the free strategy with a good, you can bring unexpected results.

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