Microsoft CEO Na de la Tsinghua share aspiring entrepreneurs can learn advanced companies


technology news June 1st morning news, Microsoft Corp CEO Satya Na de la at the 2016 Microsoft developer summit, visit Tsinghua University, and share experiences in the school of economics and management of Tsinghua University.

at the forum, Na de la share as Microsoft CEO two years of experience to the college teachers and students of Tsinghua University. Na de la Microsoft said that at present and in the future, will be dedicated to cloud services, artificial intelligence and networking and other areas of development.

in Namibia de la view, behind all of the manufacturing industry, there will be a smart application better help them realize the operation and innovation, and cloud computing, intelligent and networking three will be connected, bring great changes to the manufacturing industry.


when asked Microsoft to do what is Chinese "Internet plus" strategy, Na de la said, Microsoft is a platform to build, especially Microsoft’s cloud services are both large and small companies to provide a platform for the development of.

Na de la examples, activities related to Microsoft’s cloud platform has served on China contributed to the poor mountainous areas. Through the Microsoft cloud platform, payment can not only track the donations, and can record donor mountain children’s physical condition, and according to the nutritional status of children, more targeted nutrition supplies for their supplies, and thus more efficient contributed work.

with Chinese advocated "public entrepreneurship, innovation", now the domestic hot business boom has also attracted the attention of Na de la, the presence of many students to accept de la asked about business advice.

de la Na said, the most important is the venture entrepreneurs to carry out in their own field of interest, at the same time we must have high enthusiasm.

business or the establishment of a company, the ultimate goal is to expand the company and scale, finally become a mature enterprise and has a clear business model, so as to provide better service for the society."

Na de la, the business ideas of the students can join like Microsoft has formed a large scale of learning company. This company has a lot of resources, while the company’s colleagues, users can help entrepreneurs grow. In his view, his mentor Bill Gates taught him a lot of things.

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