Song Yanguo network marketing please think more for customers

network marketing is not a one-time service for it! Yanguo song many times to see network marketing staff, customer website promotion done, done, feel Everything will be fine. after the matter, don’t ask! How, who can every day to the customer, who can let customers need first thought is you? Network marketing, not just cold four words, please point into the feelings into the


when we do network marketing, always said good website, a good grasp of user experience! Yes, this is very important, I also can not be denied! Our aim is to find our target group, to analyze, to make it become our customers! This is the program of things, without any the emotional color, but why can’t we start when the user experience the warmth of our


I remember not long ago we cooperate with a bank service, this service is very convenient for the enterprise website to pay, I feel the old customers demand and not have to notice whether it, although this is a troublesome work! I still persist in a few days, one by one customer notice! Although many people do not need to but sometimes, success is such a chance! Long before customers want to do the recent revision, but also to the business, the result is very happy to talk down!

when we have been maintaining old customers, they always surprise, network marketing is done, how can you remember them later! One day, he suddenly brought me back to a big customer, I say a lot of words! I was very touched! Maybe, is these casual maintenance that can bring you new customers


butterfly effect, we all know it? "A good mechanism for small, as long as the correct guidance, after a period of time, will have a great sensation!" we good! What is the "sensation", "buzz" is our customers, their friends, their customers need to do network marketing, the first thought is us! Our warmth is the network marketing


Song Yanguo think, methods and techniques of network marketing, as a promotion personnel, everyone! Network marketing promotion feelings, I think a lot of people need to learn this course! The Internet era will be another circle of life a lot, this circle is we need to put feelings! In this era of customer-oriented, do network marketing is not limited to the immediate petty profits! We do network marketing for what, in order to return, but we cannot forget our God


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