Exploration of new network marketing model

recently appeared in the domestic use of a new model of network marketing network marketing team, she is the network (Wantway.com). According to the responsible person, network will carry out marketing activities to a new model, they no longer stay in the lower SEO, EDM and other technical aspects, but as a marketing concept as the core, based on network technology to explore new marketing mode.

search from the network show that, did not see any situation on the network, its official website is also being perfected. But according to informed sources, the network as a new mode of operation is undoubtedly a subversive revolution in marketing circles, she will be in the low technology SEO, BBS, blog, email etc. through the marketing of the perfect performance, and create new marketing value. Network for the deep marketing background and superb business model operation experience for Chinese enterprises to provide marketing help. According to my understanding, the visual recognition system for the network by the international famous brand design company CBX for its design, and CBX is a very well-known international brand design company, they are only designed for high-end brands, there is a certain scale company, visible network to a certain extent the huge has been very obvious.

from last year, China’s online marketing market, a huge market size, in 2010 will achieve 23 billion 900 million yuan market size. In recent years, online advertising will continue to dominate the network marketing market, word of mouth marketing position will become increasingly apparent, the acquisition has become a market leader in the development of means. The concentration of online advertising market in the further decline, with the further development of new economic diversification. The advertising industry in the automotive industry to drive the cost of advertising in the field of transportation for the first time more than IT products, in the first place, to become high-quality advertisers. Automotive, transportation advertising is very few, but the high cost of the launch, which is very good for the agency and the media industry. Online advertising agency industry giants in the gradual integration, network advertising agency services division of further refinement; advertising agency, data analysis, design, media agent module more and more professional, more will lead to a more professional advertising agency. Media agency’s living space is bigger, many new Internet media has no sales team. Advertising agency business presents the trend of deepening the industry.

The future of

, with more and more multimedia resources of the Internet giant will further integrate network service resources for advertisers to provide integrated services in the field of the Internet, has become a new stage of Internet marketing integration services. Cross media integration, the network will provide a wider range of services and marketing, so that network marketing go further.

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