How to heat up your D in forums and SNS communities

a few days ago for the forum to promote and SNS promotion has written a series of related articles, but also get some enthusiastic feedback from users, here thank you for the promotion of Ming website blog support and encouragement. But friends also mentioned some problems, such as the promotion of forum posts hype is as advertising deleted, such as happy net has posted, but the post is to promote not, for example, I share in 5g and white society. Few people will see always. The same way, but the effect is vastly different, in fact, the most important reason is that your ID in the target forum and the SNS community is not hot enough, popularity is not high, thus blocking the promotion of your forum and SNS promotion effect.

and SNS first forum to promote the promotion of the used ID must be attractive, user-friendly, catchy, distinctive, so that people can remember the first time you name. For example, Sister Lotus, fairy sister, BINGSHU, Grandpa, shovel team are actually satisfy these conditions.

second, maintained at the target forum and the SNS community have the active degree, it is much more irrigation, the top post, more friends, it seems like a lot of friends reflect the happy net is not good friends with. In fact, it is more difficult, but not without a way. I have observed a few ID, if Zhang Jia, Zhang Huiting this kind of ID in addition to the registration time early, is that they are happy to have enough activity to share love, willing to share your post to more appear in posting the first few pages, you see things many people will naturally have people you are attracted to the initiative with friends, passive than you apply for others to facilitate a lot. Of course, here you can try promotion of top stick machine, posting machine, trample device within the software will make your work more effective.

third: you must have their own unique personality and style, and allows users to be able to quickly put your label, such as Sister Lotus immediately thought of the s modeling, BINGSHU article always smile to scold, scold maintain, there is a classic picture of him. Grandpa has a very funny picture signed. Yang Bingyang is a "woman of China without my clever, clever have my beauty" can be famous, of course say also want to have a certain strength, otherwise will only become a laughing stock.

fourth, you have to have some appropriate soft Wen to improve their visibility, this is a big problem. I will focus on this article in the next article in the promotion of soft.

we may think that the method is very simple we will, Ming a note, I believe most of the webmaster know how to do. In fact, the most critical point is that we want a strong execution and reasonable time allocation, after all, want to build a well-known ID is not an easy thing. And not all promotion resources are suitable for this kind of intensive and meticulous farming way. This requires everyone to grasp and control, with the shortest possible time, do the most efficient thing is the real way to success.


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