Website weight optimization to avoid the right to be reduced

in the website promotion methods, the weight is related to a deadly web key, it determines your site traffic, the number of the chain, keyword ranking, page view, user loyalty, your weight is higher, on behalf of these factors is higher. But for many novice, the site is often down right, a website is not easy to have the weight, was suddenly dropped, which is undoubtedly a deep blow. The face of the right to drop, the owners do not panic, to calm thinking, careful analysis of the internal causes, to find ways to find the problem to enhance the weight of the site. The following author to explore the reasons for the site was down right and treatment methods.

a, the chain is invalid: in the web page loaded with a lot of links, in the same site under the connection between each other. Reasonable site within the chain structure can improve the site included, so as to improve the weight, but once your inner chain error page, which led directly to the site is Baidu included reducing, in favor of Baidu, will be right down, for this is the webmaster to hard work, often to check whether there is the site of the internal links the problem, access is normal, but also to develop a habit of regular inspection, make the site to maintain a good internal links, thus can smoothly let Baidu spiders crawl to each page, increase website included.

two, the poor quality of chain: the chain and reduce the quality but not the more, the higher the quality of the chain, the effect is very ideal, many owners think the chain the more the better, every day the hair of the chain, and on the 1000 day, if you do that do you have entered the crazy Internet marketing channel optimization errors, send 1000 spam chain that is equal to what not to do, it will be counterproductive, for Baidu search engine, each over a period of time will do a major update, then you stick to the spam chain, you look at the increase outside the chain, but to update data, Baidu will delete the "junk" chain, lead to the chain you down, so the weight also decreased, so we must pay attention to the high quality of the external resources, many in some weight High forum, the site issued a number of practical articles.

three, website quality: a good website has a good website quality, then a website quality includes the following:

1, the content of the website: the original article is to attract Baidu spider often visit, is also the most favorable, so every day to publish original articles at least one or more


2, the quality of the page: This is related to the speed of your visit to the site space, want to have good quality, first of all to choose a good space, access faster;

3, internal links: I mentioned above in the chain, reasonable internal connection can quickly be included in Baidu;

4, external links: actually Links, is that access to your website through other website links, so as to enhance the ranking weight, if it is only the external links, then you will be in high power.

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