Founder began to expand honey bud fast

maternal consumption of doing so good, so honey bud baby why is renamed honey bud? The honey bud line only two years on the valuation of over $1 billion, and the company’s business layout is more and more perfect, the company can be described as a bright future. All sectors of the community have to compliment, Liu Nanzhen expansion of honey bud will go from here?


Ceng Ming, a famous Chinese management scientist and chief of staff of the Alibaba group, professor said that there are four steps in strategy: final, layout, orientation and strategy. Ten years ago, Ma judged e-commerce will greatly change the world, in a slight foothold in Alibaba, Ma began to layout a variety of areas, so there is now the Alibaba business empire. In order to become a melee terminator, we should do a good job in Paibingbuzhen, in other words, the layout is to be. Honey bud is doing, is the layout of maternal and child ecological chain, staking.

is the honey bud baby market is a dazzling star in the full liberalization of two child policy, in order to win the first prize in this wave, honey bud frequently recently.

believe that many people know that once the honey bud baby, maternal consumption of doing so good, so honey bud baby why is renamed honey bud


originally was born in Taobao store honey bud, March 2014 was officially launched, with the last two years the rapid completion of the four round of financing in September 2015, completed a $150 million D round of financing, leapt to become a member of the Unicorn club.

honey bud baby positioning in the maternal consumption of electronic business platform, now "baby", honey bud said, is from the sale of baby products business, upgrade to lead the trend of parenting, improve parent-child family consumption habits of the whole category of consumer guide.

but is this really the case?

nearly two years, the mother and child market players everywhere. If 2014 was the rise of maternal cross-border electricity supplier of the year, then 2015 is a "shuffle" – after a year, maternal cross-border electricity market seems to be the pattern has been set, the whole market is like a piece of red sea.

Although the

leader in maternal and child market on the eve of the capital of the arrival of winter, have to blaze a new trail of their own, but still difficult to circumvent the winter capital impact attack coupled with the unstable supply chain and Jingdong, Tmall, Suning and other comprehensive business platform, the vertical electric weak really overwhelming.

baby on the market, rely on milk and diapers can quickly capture the market starting point, but if the platform to develop for a long time, and they rely on the price war is not the consumption. Thus, to expand the category to become one of the ways to understand.

as to whether or not the honey bud belongs to this kind of situation, the outside world naturally no textual research.

everyone in the honey bud renamed no corrosion to God, honey bud began to put up a pageantry >

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