On Taobao credit system

the latest electronic business circles biggest thing is the Taobao credit system, since Taobao announced the integrity of self-examination, against the Taobao store on Taobao credit system as one falls, another rises, is also a dial-up wave, including the famous IT commentator kseoK in Baidu Innovation Conference total e-commerce forum speech today and published an article on Taobao K the integrity of the article so that I seriously think about Taobao credit problems, said the following about Sisyphus – Su Wu shepherd some advice.

personally believe that the problems caused by Taobao’s credit system has two main aspects:

1, the seller to the buyer’s comments can be seen.

2, the buyer to the seller of the poor and praise the cost is the same.

3, third, Taobao does not have a comprehensive evaluation algorithm system.

for the first, in the comments on the buyers sellers visible, the seller can request the buyer to the seller will continue to comment, ask the buyer to praise, if you give a bad review, the seller will do everything possible to ask the buyer to praise, it appeared, by means of the seller threatened to allow buyers to give praise, caused great distress to the buyers.


second, in the current evaluation system, the buyer bought something, just click on it to complete the evaluation of the trade, the seller does not consider the follow-up requirements, evaluation of the cost is the same. In fact, this is not in line with the reality of the evaluation of the law, in reality, in the evaluation of a transaction buyers to the seller to pay the cost of the poor is far greater than the.


third, now Taobao evaluation is divided into simple difference evaluation, assessment and evaluation of the praise, without considering the reasons, evaluation of the sources, the transaction amount and other factors impact on the evaluation of a sound evaluation system.

under the reality of the transaction through an example to illustrate the difference between Taobao’s evaluation system and the reality of the current evaluation system. A man went to a department store to buy a pair of discounted Nike shoes, after the purchase will be the following:

the first: the quality of shoes is good, but also cheap, very satisfied with the transaction. (praise)

second kinds: shoes to buy back after a wear, found in a inconspicuous out a little problem, go to the mall to return, indicating the reasons for the successful completion of the return or change another pair of shoes. The man is basically satisfied with the deal. (comment)

third: shoes, buy back, found the problem to find the seller, the seller does not recognize the problem of shoes, but also said it has been tried, refused to return, but you can change the other shoes. Not satisfied with the deal. (differential)

fourth: buy the shoes back and forth to return found the problem, not only do not return, can not change, and when the seller has been ridiculed sellers theory. Buyers are not satisfied with the deal. (complaint)

above is simply a list of possible transactions in a

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