Car home CEO Qin entrepreneurial companies how to maintain growth

innovation in 2014 in China in the spring of March 26th held in Shanghai. Car home CEO at the event to share a number of entrepreneurs to participate in the entrepreneurial experience.

Qin said the growth of enterprises to experience from 0 to 1 to find the funds for business model of the primary stage, and then is from 1 to 10, the car home is at this stage, we need to run fast, in the competition not caught up to widen the gap."

how to maintain the company’s growth from 0 to 10, the core point is what? Qin feel enterprise development to a certain stage, the growth needs to be in place of three elements: in the early days more to establish the enterprise DNA, to the stage of rapid development, the business will grow rapidly, in this case "keep the enterprise, DNA is a fast growing enterprise must face the challenge."

is the first of the second elements of execution, Qin said that the company’s strategy is not important, the implementation of the strategy is the most important." From the construction of the car to today, has always insisted on a number of strong principles of implementation. One is to do at half past eight every day to ensure China content updates, a large number of commuters, the morning into the office a moment to see the updated article more open computer; in addition, they also set up a test report in the implementation of the principle of not overnight. Car home one day to produce about 200 per cent of the original articles, this is a big pressure for editing purposes. Qin said that these things seem very simple, but it is actually very difficult to do. But it is precisely because of the strong execution, so that it feels the growth of a company to bring.

The third is

has the ability of continuous innovation, he believes that enterprises in Chinese now environment to survive, we must adhere to the "innovation, only innovation in enterprises in different stages of development, location is not the same, for example, enterprises must do user innovation, business model innovation, service innovation." By Qin said, when the car home just site, an innovation is the BMW automobile brand made a website structure, which has a dedicated forum, word of mouth, such a structure from 2005 to 2007 brings the advantage is that its production is more advanced, the article can be automatically released automatic crawl. "So the 10 of us can do the work of the other 30. By 2010, around 2011, we were aware of the changes brought about by the internet. So we launched a large number of applications."

Qin cause car home, along the way also experienced a lot of frustration encountered, cold eyes, "but once to taunt, others cannot read your time, your success is very close. Because others will find out later he would like to learn you can not learn, in the end can not stop." (Xia Hong)

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