Quality concept of website operation

with the development of the network and the increase in the site, the site’s end users – Internet users, the quality of the site is getting more and more critical, for this reason, the quality of the site should become the fundamental work of the website.

      Internet economy is out of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the site is not very good quality, is left to the outstanding quality of website quality is the main theme of the website operation, select from web development language, to the web site system, hardware conditions, and then to the many aspects of website construction and operation mechanism construction so, the quality of all through them, Wang Yihui had published an article about ladder network business ground, Wang Yihui believes that a quality leap is the commanding heights of the wings, and another wing called innovation, this article mention the other.

      Wang Yihui believes that there is no quality there is no healthy development of the site, there is no quality of the site without the continued prosperity of the network economy.

      as the quality of the site, contains many aspects, but there is no less than the following.

1 content quality

      once the Internet content is king of the times, the ladder network Wang Yihui think, should be changed to the quality of the content is king is king, with a different focus, focus website operation work will become more prominent.

2 platform quality

      platform quality, that is, the quality of the hardware and software system that the site depends on. Web site system, web site space or server, bandwidth, and so the quality of software and hardware is good enough, whether it can adapt to the development of the site, security performance, technical support? Is it easy to upgrade and convert? The domain is short enough and meaningful and so on, all of these should be incorporated into a website platform for quality.

3 work quality

      how about the quality of the work of the website staff? Is there a very high work efficiency, is it possible to make the right decisions quickly and quickly and effectively, and the overall quality of the site’s decision makers and managers?

4 market quality

      what is the market facing? Is it easy to form the first mover advantage if it has great development potential and is easy to construct competitive advantage and profit model?

5 quality of service

      Web service quality for users. As for the sale of products or services to the site, the quality of service related to the user can become your customers and your customers to your evaluation, a direct impact on your brand and reputation.


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