Entrepreneurship open class after the transformation is forced to say how to achieve a beautiful met

beauty since its founding in 2009 just over 5 years, from a small team of 6 people to grow rapidly to thousands of women, registered users billions of dollars, the mobile client installed capacity of more than 80 million, just past the double 11 day trading volume reached 570 million yuan, now become the largest women’s fashion community. The company has received Jiyuan capital, Sequoia Capital, bluerun, Zero2IPO Tencent and other well-known institutions and investment companies, there are unconfirmed reports said the four round total financing amounted to $80 million, becoming one of the fastest-growing Internet Co China.

, however, said the development of the beautiful process has experienced a major forced transformation, from the original electricity supplier shopping guide into a vertical electricity supplier. In this company before and after have experienced what suffering? In the eyes of most industry professionals, said the beautiful transformation is a "blessing in disguise", forced transformation after the company has a larger growth space. This is based on the judgment of what? With these questions, November 5th, invited to the beautiful hunting cloud network said senior vice president Mr. Du Guowei walked into the "open class entrepreneurs", share the beautiful said business successful experience and tells the story behind the forced transformation, and the company’s future development strategy.

entrepreneurship to choose on the battlefield and opportunities, the main line can not shake

although Du Guowei is in the company set up a year after joining the beauty, but he is quite familiar with the development of the company, has been responsible for sales, commercial products, clothing business operations, beauty and other lines of business that Du Guowei, said the success factors of beauty is mainly due to the selection of the battlefield, seize the opportunity. And the company has been adhering to the fast, extreme, innovative culture and style of work.

November 2009, Xu Yirong was the founder of zhuaxia business again, beauty gathered in the field of women’s fashion segment. At that time, Taobao and other electronic business platform has verified the strong demand for women shopping, but the vertical class of women’s fashion shopping community was very few people dig, it can be said to be a blue ocean. According to Du Guowei revealed that the early entrepreneurial team of only 6 people, until now we are very closely together.

on the opportunity, said the beautiful coincided with that red hot micro-blog together, let the beautiful say wipe out gorgeous fireworks. In addition to the introduction of the network reds, sufficient to create a sense of participation in community. Beauty is a stylish girls shopping place, there are seven similar with the popular micro-blog: the need to pay attention to others, feel free to share, baby Taohuo experience and help people solve problems, but all products of its contents contain recommended price information and jump to the online shop business information products. These are beautiful love beautiful girls are recognized, accumulated by micro-blog fans, become beautiful days after the fundamental transformation of the electricity supplier success. Although the business model before and after adjustment, but the core of the service for women’s fashion has not changed.

electricity supplier shopping guide was forced to transform, the fan economy to create a vertical electricity supplier

in October last year, the beautiful said to the outside world, an intuitive

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