Henan officials confirmed cross border electricity supplier part of the new deal to suspend the impl

Henan entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau director Li Zhongbang confirmed on May 23rd at a meeting, cross-border deal recently made some fine-tuning, especially the inspection and quarantine in accordance with the general trade customs clearance issued by the release of the rules to do the adjustment, the suspension of execution, set the delay in the transition period of one year.

in Chinese International Economic Exchange Center hosted the May 23rd eighty-third "economic monthly talk", twenty-first Century economic report reporter obtained the confirmation from Li Zhongbang. After a number of news sources show that the cross-border electricity supplier pilot city customs and commodity inspection "received notice of superiors cross-border online shopping bonded goods customs clearance verification policy year suspension".

according to the "internal notice", from the new deal started within a year, including Shanghai, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Fuzhou, Pingtan, 10 pilot cross-border electricity supplier City, cross-border online shopping bonded goods will be taxed in accordance with the new system, but the goods line "into the area from the verification of the customs clearance form.

Li Zhongbang said today that the introduction of cross-border e-commerce new deal this month has been accompanied by controversy. "These days we see in the media reports, the new deal also do some fine-tuning, especially the inspection and quarantine in accordance with the general trade issued by the customs clearance form release rules to do the adjustment, suspended, delayed one year transition period. This delay in the transition period of a year I have to understand, in fact, is the Governor David (former deputy director of Henan Provincial People’s Congress, deputy governor) run around the results of the appeal."

let new things take a few steps

Li Zhongbang said cross-border e-commerce deal aimed at the main import bonded mode, more targeted at some of the pre commodity. According to the structure of China imports, the biggest impact is the pre-approval of the third kind, food, cosmetics, health care products.

he believes that the government in the introduction of such a policy, the governance of such a market, we should pay attention to the establishment of a new market with the main body of the relationship between cooperation and interaction.

he said, we feel that the new deal introduced a sudden, the lack of predictability of the introduction of the policy. The development trend is right, the original intention is right, then take this policy stage, the force of time is particularly important, this is a reasonable question.

"if a policy to let the market parties feel awkward, we as regulators to review, such a policy is not consistent with the law of development of things, which is scientific, is the embodiment of our government promulgated this policy, is not effective, is not consistent with this Law of development."

Li Zhongbang said that the management of cross-border electricity supplier is not a reasonable regulation, more stringent regulation is not better, or more loosely as possible, from the regulatory authorities, the need for different stages of a precise policy.

China’s current cross-border e-commerce is the import of cross-border e-commerce under bonded mode, 2015 >

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