2016 shop to sell what star password to teach you how to find sources

suddenly, 2016 is coming, since you have missed the 2015 business opportunity, but missed the 2016 business opportunity? When it comes to business, the online shop is definitely the most choice for entrepreneurs. So, the problem came! In 2016 to join the shop to sell what? Today,

(http://s.xingmima.com) Xiaobian teach you how to find sources!


one, its own supply, no need to purchase

if you have the source, you can save the trouble to find the source, just after the market survey, the shop began to shop related matters. What is its own supply?

1, with the store, to achieve online + line operating

if you are a store owner, then congratulations, you are way ahead in the same period of the online shop seller! You only need to store the product sales to hang in the shop, not only of the "Online + offline" mode of operation, but also broaden the sales channels, increase their profits


2, a huge market prospects for the creation of

is now a huge source of Taobao development prospects for the future of the industry has a lot of brains have begun to play their own expertise, create their own supply!

for example: if you are a senior chowhound, and is a very will do eat chowhound, then you can open a shop if you have delicacy; deep research on calligraphy, painting, calligraphy and painting to open a shop that is not a problem; if you are practical and hands-on ability is strong, the open manual workshop shop is OK


two, the line to find sources, Amoy good goods run to and fro

1, wholesale market purchase. The wholesale market is the best choice for many novice sellers purchase, entrepreneurs need to conform to the "principle of proximity", to the vicinity of the wholesale market to find sources! Note: the wholesale purchase of entrepreneurs need to have excellent performance of goods than three, number of comparison, can we find a good supply of


2, manufacturers purchase. Manufacturers purchase is more convenient, entrepreneurs can order directly to the manufacturers or entrepreneurs of their own design, with the design for manufacturers! Note: manufacturers purchase funded for entrepreneurs, because the manufacturers MOQ is large, small sellers do not try


three, the use of the Internet, the Internet to find sources

with the popularity of the Internet, because of its convenience, low cost advantages, online shopping has become the choice of many sellers, supply agents, online purchase channels such as the purchase of a wide range of entrepreneurial favorite!

1, supply agent. Now a lot of suppliers to recruit agents in the Internet, if entrepreneurs find good suppliers, it not only solves the inventory backlog, the baby photos and other troubles, with less cost gain greater profits can! Note: if the entrepreneur wants to do sourcing >

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