24 certificates announced the completion of the 10 million level C round of financing

November 30th afternoon news, buy site 24 coupons announced today that it has signed a C round of investment agreements, the completion of the $10 million level of financing.

24 certificate CEO Du Yinan said that in such a difficult environment of capital market, but also the completion of financing, has been recognized by the capital market, "this is the biggest affirmation of 24 coupons, he said there is still a lot of work to do after financing.

according to its introduction, the current round of financing will be used for business development and services, product development and other aspects, and early before the end of the year to achieve profitability plan.

but Du Yinan did not disclose the details of the current round of financing.

group purchase website recently faced winter capital, Gaopeng’s massive layoffs, handle to postpone the listing of group purchase development overshadowed, shortly before the 24 ticket because the merchant settlement funds pressure on staff salaries in October to do some adjustments. Du Yinan said to spend the winter by industry, and will achieve profitability before the end of the year. (Cui Xi)

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