What do you want to get into O2O

all business practices have an original purpose, which is profit. There are many ways to increase profits, only on the Internet model, the Internet provides three ways to increase profits are set up brands, reduce costs and expand the number of users. Before either B2B, B2C or C2C can have an important impact on these three elements. So O2O? Mention O2O, we continue to talk about is to get through the online and offline, we do not ask is how to get through online and offline, we first need to know is: why do you want to get online and offline?

those unreliable O2O reasons

we always thought that the entertainment industry is always a noisy, hot spots around the ear emerge in an endless stream, Fifi, but now I am more and more intuitive feeling is: the original Internet industry than the entertainment industry is also lively. This point, as long as we look at the so-called science and technology from the media platform daily headlines can tell, too many concepts and ignore, too many ideas and innovation, the mode of training industry is at work. To sum up, they advocate the following O2O reasons:

O2O can become a marketing channel. In fact, the so-called O2O channel is just the original B2C and offline channel combination, nothing new. There are a lot of companies under the line and online channels are separated, different channels of sales of products produced alienation, such as Haier is doing so. Now, O2O is led to the right hand, bo. Therefore, the so-called O2O channels, in my opinion is a false proposition.

O2O can become a marketing approach. The so-called O2O marketing is nothing more than a line delivery coupons, can then be used for online shopping or online, tying a discount package, can be used for offline consumption. Interesting what? In my opinion, this marketing experience is very bad, I am a store to buy clothes, big effort you want me to lose a test fee, full, why not directly in the store to exchange gifts? Not a bad experience marketing, can big line of its road the.

O2O can do products. Mention O2O, and ultimately, to mention millet, millet seems to play O2O big. Honestly, I didn’t find any as millet in the O2O, if you must have it, that is to attract a large number of millet technology enthusiasts, find loopholes in the development of millet, in addition to a force, such as large-scale beta. But what does this have to do with the so-called O2O?

O2O users can do. The two way, one is based on the user’s preferences, the product is recommended, such as mobile buy, is the location preference. A way around the user, for example, circle of friends, the next round of people, then advertising, selling products. This is called O2O? Isn’t it social marketing?

So many people confuse

, O2O into the reasons are specious, unsound.

those so-called O2O>

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