Yi Xun joint Tencent VP impact on electricity providers again

Tencent recently has a new action, in order to further deepen the user’s operation, business enterprise easion announced a partnership with QQ member, which is fast and easy to see 30 million QQ members behind the invisible value. QQ members in the end what Qq quietly operated 13 years of membership system, in fact, is the embodiment of QQ user loyalty, in other words, the electricity supplier companies, this is the consumer market and the potential market.

in the past, a lot of commercial enterprises in fact, and QQ members hand in the success stories. For example: CITIC Bank and QQ members to launch a joint card again; China Merchants Bank and QQ members have jointly launched a joint card; the two banks a joint card to open the card number are successful, China Merchants Bank is once more at the top.

addition, QQ members 13 years of network usage and network dependence, the potential to tell the electricity supplier companies here is actually a piece of cake hiding. These members are the main network consumption, but also the maturity of the network shopping consumer model compass. In fact, for the electricity supplier, the QQ members are basically target groups, but in some extent, QQ members are loyal users of Tencent.

today, the Tencent will be fast and easy to QQ members after cooperation, more like a integration of resources, not only integrated into the QQ user, but also the integration of China Unicom to direct membership system between Yi and QQ membership. Simply put, QQ members can enjoy the privileges of membership in itself, QQ members will also enjoy some of the characteristics of easy and service members.

in fact, on the other hand, it is not difficult to see, China Unicom QQ members do the double-edged sword effect, first of all, obviously easy to expand its consumer, lock their user groups; secondly, the selection stage and the cycle of high quality directly eliminating QQ members of the world.

Fast and easy

membership has been adhere to their own differentiated marketing strategy, it can be said that this is the core competitiveness of easy fast, since the integral system, such as easy different services and privileges brought: acceleration, member price, warranty, free shipping, the preferential priority delivery, customer service and even VIP etc.. These can stimulate the consumer experience, but also to some extent, reduce the threshold for the purchase of consumer groups.

It is reported that

, the easy and QQ member and one of the biggest deepening cooperation in operation, namely: member brand licensing. This cooperation is more like a stable mass basis, it brings QQ brand advantage to stabilize its own membership and existing users, and promote the brand authorization should be easy next step.

now in the fighting in the mobile Internet era, e-commerce enterprise competition is more like a "creative" as the theme of the war, free membership is no longer a business marketing tool, and the difference of the membership is more like an innovative attempt. Tencent should prompt information easily and a member of QQ cooperation, and this move will undoubtedly increase the mall fast and easy target market.