Ali mother told me your website quality is poor

Ali mother’s words hurt me deeply. Do more than a year. From the end of the college entrance examination to do, to now sophomore. Made several stops. Now a station. Yesterday, on the site of advertisement of the mom changed all guest promotion. Did not care how, today landed Ali mother found that yesterday’s income of 0. Know there’s a problem. Ali mother to consult the customer service forum, get the answer is: the poor quality of the site, we can not push click billing advertising. Smile.

Ali mother told me: your site quality is poor.

has not studied the site quality this thing. Personally feel that as long as the site is useful for visitors is not poor quality. I am now the site was established in 08 years at the end of July, built by DEDECMS resource station. It’s been over three months now. Today’s IP is greater than 1000, but no more than 2000. PV is now more than 5 thousand.

personally think: IP and PV from the point of view of poor quality. At least now every day, the source of IP is basically 50% from Baidu, and the other comes from repeat customers, with the remaining 20% from the forums and other sites that are collected by. The site was collected. So now basically every article I have to manually add internal links to related articles, so every day I collected those website traffic sources)

above is my website information. In the end how the quality I can not say. But I think in accordance with the theory of Ali mother, Chinese YAHOO search is a very poor quality of the site. Because he can’t compare with Baidu. I like the QQ station and not to the same ratio. Ali’s mother, I think we all understand. Taobao closed Baidu spider, when the flow is bound to reduce.

some time ago Ali mother said later to give the webmaster push Amoy promotion advertising. Never let the ad idle. As long as the guest promotion deal, have income. This is a conspiracy. Amoy promotion can make money I don’t know. But I believe most of them don’t make money. Now the Ali Mama advertising into Tao guest promotion, he is in his Taobao earn traffic! Remember mom had said: the growth and small owners together.

I think I’m a small webmaster. Grow together, I think Ali mother may not need to grow up, grow up. We do not have the qualifications of small and medium-sized webmaster with it. Ma Yun has been to the winter, K lost a large number of sites, deblocking method is also very violent: billboards, three months of the mom looking at the data, talk about the unsealing is. Three months! Free of charge to Ali mother for three months, it should be free to make Taobao traffic.

Ma Yun of the abacus playing very good very violent. You said my K station was violent. I don’t K stand. I said your website quality is bad! You IP not on 10 thousand, not on the 100 thousand. I said you poor quality, how can you me?. In a word, I want to save for the winter, take your small webmaster > cast operation!